Soul Himalaya Adventure

Adventure Tourism in simple word is an outdoor activity and is of daring nature. The risk and the fun out of the adventurous activities are equally high and that is why the people dares to reveal the unexpected. There are so many activities that runs under the term " Adventurous Tourism" such as White water rafting, Bunjy jump, Surfing, Skydiving, Zip lining, Caving, Rock climbing, Paragliding, Ultralight, Trekking, Cannoning, Swing and etc. Completely blessed by the magnificent Himalayas, glistening waterfalls and rivers, dense forests and cultural diversity.

Nepal stands as the amazing destination for exploring purpose and many more.

With the unbeatable fact that highest peak of the world, Mt. everest (8,848m) along with other gigantic peaks lies in Nepal, people from various corners of the world pays a visit to Nepal every year. The cultural variety and the historical monuments are something to seek for as it holds immense importance of the country itself. The god gifted resources and the activities that can be done using them are something every tourist looks for.

The adventurous activities that has been taking place for both the internal and external tourists are Trekking, Paragliding, Rafting, Bunjy jumping, Canyoning, Mountain expedition, Rock climbing, Zip lining etc.

Paragliding in Nepal

As per the nature of this activity, blue sky paragliding is very suitable in Annapurna region in the context of our country Nepal.The epitome of bea..

Rock Climbing in Nepal

As the meaning suggests, Rock climbing is a sport that expects one to clamber up to the rocks. Well, Nepal offers both natural and artificial rocks ..

Bungy Jumping in Nepal

The thrill one gets from jumping out of the bridge and does not get hurt is something not everyone dares to try. Nepal offers the bunjy jump from th..

Canyoning in Nepal

Cannoning offers the single adventure and is very apt for those who likes to explore the landscapes, the thrill and the entire experience alone. But..