Culture of Nepal

                          Nepal is a hub of cultural diversity. In Nepal, you can spot the variance in culture, lifestyle, religion, tradition, and language in such vast amount that you can see nowhere else on the planet. Unbelievable right? But, you know what is more unbelievable? There is not a single evidence of any fight or violence for culture, religion, or language in the whole history of Nepal. Yes, not a single drop of blood has been dropped on this holy land in the name of culture, religion or tradition. This is why Nepal is truly a land of peace and exemplary county for all other countries in the world. The culture of Nepal is unique, yet fascinating in terms of diversity and what is even more fascinating is it's unity in diversity. 

Some culture, beliefs and traditions of Nepal are truly unique to the whole mankind. It's unique tradition of taking guest as an avatar of God, respecting elders, strictly abiding by the religious and ethical norms and many more can be sighted merely in Nepal. Nepal has a truly unique culture and tradition.

But, Nepal has been able to maintain unity in such diversity. The main reason for this is though every individual follows his own culture, tradition, speaks his own language, follows his own religion and believes his own God or Goddesses, all the individual are bounded by a common feeling of Nationhood and deep reverence towards the nation and a feeling of brotherhood or sisterhood towards other citizens. Such unity in diversity is truly unique to Nepal.

You will really be astonished with that weird sensation whenever you are travelling amidst other Nepalese people, a weird sensation of so-called 'Brotherhood' or 'Sisterhood'. This has been a positive externality of Nepalese culture to the whole world, or at least people travelling to Nepal. We fervently recommend you to have a trek in Nepal at first and you will yourself see the results. There is no need of a long essay about the culture of Nepal right here. As they say, "Good things are better experienced rather than talked about". So, the more you talk about Nepal, the less the number of words remaining in dictionary begins to get. And even at the end of the whole dictionary, you would have not talked much about Nepal.

So, please visit to Nepal and experience this amazing sensation by yourself rather than reading about it in our website or any other blog. 

Thank You..