What is a tea house trek?
You will encounter many tea houses on your trek. A tea house is a kind of local lodge operated by the locals of that very place to support their family or the community. A tea house trek is a kind of trek in which you will have to stay in these tea houses during your trek. Though you will not be facilitated with the incentives of a star hotel but the facilities provided in these houses will be more than satisfactory considering the place and price. Here, you won’t have to take foods and drinks along with you in the trek.
What is a camping trek?
As the name suggests, a camping trek is a kind of trek in which you will have to accommodate yourself and your companions along with the office personnel in tents. The tents will consist of kitchens and bedrooms. But, please don’t worry all the tedious and cumbersome tasks will be done by our personnel. These kinds of treks are said to be really adventurous and fun.
Are you (Soul Himalaya Treks &Tours) authorized by the government?
Yes, we are fully authorized by the government to conduct any kinds of activities relating to trekking and traveling.
Should I obtain insurance for the trek?
Yes, we insist you to. Because accidents can occur at any time at any place and it will prove very helpful if you are well backed up financially before any mishaps even occur. You should have yourself insured before your arrival to Nepal and it should cover all sorts of expenses, including the helicopter fees too.
Is tipping the guides and porters compulsory?
It is not compulsory, legally. But, it has been a common trait and the guides and porters will be expecting a small amount of tip from you. A small amount to you can hold a great essence in their life and can go a long way to help them or their families.
Are there any kinds of age limit for trekking in the Himalayas?
No, But, under 18 children should be accompanied by their parents and should have the require health ability to trek in the Himalayas.
How do I get to Nepal? 
It is a really easy procedure. You will easily get a visa upon your arrival at the international airport in Nepal. We have a completely independent article providing you with all the information you need for traveling to Nepal. Please, do check it out.
Are the trekking personnel fluent in talking English?
Yes, of course. In fact we only provide jobs to those trekking guides who have impeccable speaking skills in English, though lacking Academics but with extravagant amount of experience. 
How long should we walk every day?
Well, in average, you should walk at least 5 hours but no more than 7 hours every day.
What is the best season to schedule our trek to Nepal?
Frankly speaking, Nepal is a place where you will enjoy your time throughout the year. There are no such restraint in traveling and enjoying in Nepal during any time in the year but as a whole, March-May and September-November are mostly preferred by the trekkers and travelers in Nepal. 
What kind of foods will we be served during our trek?
Please, don’t bother worrying about what sorts of food you will be served during the trek. You will be astounded with all the local and international food items you will get to choose upon, that is, in tea house trek. But, you will never be served bad food in the camping trek too. All the food you will be served will be highly hygienic and energetic and not to mention fresh.
Can I travel alone?
Yes, definitely. But, we suggest you to take at least one guide alongside you because anything can happen at any time and you might not be wary of those possibilities and what to do in possibly difficult situations if you do get stuck.
Can we hire trekking equipments from you?
Unfortunately, that’s a ‘no’. But, you surely can hire it from Kathmandu and we will help you in that too.
What to do during any emergencies?
We understand the possibilities of any kinds of emergencies and we ensure you that will do the utmost of our abilities to assist you. But, everything is not in our hands as well and there are some legal constraints too. But, we assure you that we will always stand besides you and help you in any possible way. 
How should I dress for the trek?
Dress codes vary according to altitude of travel and duration of the trek too. But, please come with something you feel comfortable in and for more information about the kind of dress please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. 
What is the maximum weight allowed on domestic flights?
The normal weight limit for domestic flights is 20 kg. 
Are all the trekking routes facilitated with efficient communication facilities?
Almost But some parts of some trek are deprived of effective communication facilities. But, we ensure you that you won’t have to go 3 days without Internet or communication facilities.
What If I get sick during the trek?
 No worries. Our trekking guides have attended various kinds of first aid training programs and will provide you with some general medications at first. But, if the case becomes serious, you will be taken to a local hospital or maybe back to the capital in no time.

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