Manaslu Region

Standing proudly as the eighth highest mountain in the world, Manaslu (8163m) is one of the finest destinations of Nepal which lies in the north of Gorkha. The eyegasmic view of pristine mountains, cultural heritages and the biological diversity has been a lure for adventure travelers. The trekking in this region got hyped after it was officially permitted by the government in 1991. Budhi Gandaki is the initiation point that follows narrow gorge between Ganesh and Manaslu ranges.

Throughout the journey one can experience different villages, people's lifestyle and much more. Samdo village is one which merely catches one's attention. People staying in this region mostly follow Buddhism and has very good hospitality to offer. The religious place includes ShringGompa in Bihi and Rachen Gompas in Chhekampar. Kaligandaki valley with fossils, the gorge which is 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide amuses whoever passes by.

Flora and fauna is equally the protagonist feature of any destination. With no exception, this region has to offer snow leopard, grey wolf, musk deer, blue sheep and the himalayan thar. There are almost 9000 inhabitants surviving in Manaslu Conservation Area along with more than 1500 species of plants, 33 mammals, 110 birds and 3 reptiles.
The trekking in this region varies according to its duration and place. The popular trek that boasts the features of this region are Tsum valley trekking, Tum valley trekking, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal trekking, Manaslu circuit trekking etc.


Tsum valley trekking: The scenic valley is popular for its cultural and religious resources. Gompas, chhortens and mani walls are the religious attraction for the visitors. This place offers the rich blend of jaw dropping scenario, and very attractive himalayas cautiously placed by mother nature all throughout the Tsum valley and entire Manaslu region.

Manaslu Trek - 17 days