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In our country Nepal each and every people usually use Namaste wisely to welcome our dear guest. As we all know that our county is made up of 69 different Linguistic group (ethnic) and culture with the various religions of the country with 123 types of different languages. Each and every ethnic group has their own unique languages, costume and follows their own religious norms and values. People of Nepal are from different geographical and environmental orientations. Such as from the low plains near India boarder through the middle hills of Mahabharata range and valleys up to the valley of Himalayan zone.

Now a days we can find the change in the Nepalese community and society due to the innovation and globalization effect. Several infrastructure and developments of new road, buildings, and modern public education are done in Nepal to level up the development speed of Nepal. With the help of internet access massive change s are brought among the young folks of Nepal where as young folks of today generation has the knowledge of Nepali as well as English language and can be also seen in the western clothing style.

In our country Nepal there are generally two types of major groups in Himalayan Region Tibetan Origin and in middle hill indo Aryan origin groups. In Himalayan region settlement we can see people who usually speak Tibetan and Sherpa languages. Thakali of mustang high plain, Gurung of mustang are found in the sub alpine to trans Himalayan areas. In the mid hill mostly settled Limbu, Magar, Rai, Sunar, Chepang,Tamang and sunwar groups as well as other mongoloid groups live in this areas. The Chhetris, Newar, Brahmans are the different occupational groups are spread. Sherpa are the best known people outside the Nepal who have been able to gain world renown interest because of their mountaineering skills and confident. Even the word "Sherpa" means the mountain guide in English.

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