Responsible Tourism

The ever increasing population of Nepal has been exerting a huge pressure in the local environment and the local community. The mission of Eco Himalaya Trek is to travel in a way that helps to conserve the area we visit and help in the financial and social development of the local community.

Soul Himalaya Trek works with the principle of ‘traveling with a responsibility’.This means that Soul Himalaya Trek provides emphasis to awaken the visitors by notifying them about the importance of ‘Responsible Tourism’.SoulHimalaya Trek is a Nepal-based organization, incorporating local staffs, suppliers and businesses with sustainable values, serving to improve the local economy.

Besides this, we also give emphasis on awaking the visitors by informing them about the importance of sanitation and suggest them to be responsible tourist. They need to be conscious about the protection and preservation of places, cultures and environments.

A responsible tourist can enjoy the beauties of a place without destroying it. The responsible tourism is the most important need of the 21st century. You can also be a responsible tourist by taking into consideration the following things:-

Be environmentally conservative. You must play an agile role to conserve the local natural environment. You should not be the cause of environmental pollution in the country. You should not throw rubbish and wastage here and there. You should not pollute the water resources. In short, you must be environmentally aware.

Never forget that you are a guest in the country. You have to take into consideration some major things as you are only a visitor to the country and you are bonded by certain limitations. From the natural wildlife, you can tale nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.

Help for local financial development by using different local restaurants and doing your shopping across the local area. Always tend to buy local materials and help to emphasize local development. Never try or encourage animal trafficking or trafficking of any parts of their body. You should instead contribute for their preservation by providing financial and technical help.

Contribute for natural resources preservation. Water shortages are a common in many places, so do not waste it unnecessarily or leave taps running. Never contribute for pollution of these beautiful sources. Don’t provide any kinds of negative impacts in the local lifestyle or natural ecosystem.

Make inquiries about your destination to have a basic knowledge of the culture you are about to immerse yourself in, their customs and what you can do for their improvement.