Rock Climbing in Nepal

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As the meaning suggests, Rock climbing is a sport that expects one to clamber up to the rocks. Well, Nepal offers both natural and artificial rocks for the people who love to ascend the rocks. Since it's not as easy as walking, the climber needs to be very conscious about the technical terms and also with the harnesses provided for safety.

The rocky destination where one can do the climbing are mostly located to the north of Kathmandu valley. Climbing gears, field guides helps to perform the task more efficiently. Nagarjun forest resort that is 3km north of Kathmandu valley offers the natural climbing and is very appropriate for the beginners. While for those who can perform top level climbing can choose Hattiban climbing site. Mostly professional guides pays a visit to this destination.

Pasang Lhamu Foundation is one of the artificial rock climbing prepared for the beginners and lies inside of the valley. Students from colleges, travelling institutes have their first priority to this foundation due to its easy accessibility. Another artificial climbing wall is located in Pokhara near mountaineering museum. For the travelers visiting to Pokhara can have the wall climbing experience in their to-do list.

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