Help to rural

In addition to this, 5% of the profits earned by the SHTT is allocated for fulfilling socio-economic objectives.This means, 5% of the overall profit is provided for the welfare of the society in some of the rural areas of Nepal. You can also view these activities and be a part of them if you are willing to This money if provided to empower local youths of the village, provide skill development trainings, launch awareness programs and many more. This might sound little bit strange but we, being a business company, have taken triple bottom line objectives into high consideration like that of a social enterprise. So, when you are enjoying your trip or having a wonderful time in your holidays in Nepal with us, you are also providing valuable contributions for the overall development of the nation.

So, finally, we, no doubt, will thrive to be the best decision you have ever made while traveling to Nepal. We ensure you that you will never regret the decision of choosing us. As we have been legally recognized by the government, socially recognized by the peoples for our social works, mirthfully recognized by our happy customers for our services, and cheerfully supported by our very well-motivated employees, we assure you that you will also merrily recognizing us and our activities at the end of your vacation or the trek.

Rural Supports