Tour & Sightseeing

Tours refer to the phase of travelling to a specific place or region to experience or observe the natural beauty or cultural and traditional heritages of the place. Tours are specific, generally ranging from one day to a week. And, tours are usually destined to a specific place which may involve sightseeing, wildlife safari, hiking, cycling and many more. Tours to Chitwan, Pokhara, Bandipur, Chitlang, Kulekhani, Chisapani, Tatopani, Chandragiri, Shivapuri, etc. are some of the featured tours which are conducted by our company. You can select any of the above mentioned tours and jump in with us in the trek and we ensure that you will have a pleasant and wonderful time around with us.

Whereas, sightseeing is the tourism activity, in which people visit different heritages and sites within a particular region. The sightseeing takes place within a specific area and it generally continues for a day or two. Sightseeing to some places can be conducted within certain hours too. The duration of sightseeing depends upon the vicinity of the place to be visited. Sightseeing is an integral part of the tours.

We suggest you to have a good look to some of our sightseeing programs such as Kathmandu valley sightseeing, Pokhara valley sightseeing (Sarangkot), Lumbini, etc. amongst which the Kathmandu Valley sightseeing is the most common and preferred amongst the visitors.

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

Kathmandu,the cultural, political and administrative capital of the country, stands as the tourism center of the country too. Consisting of about se..


Another naturally blessed point is "Markhu" which also lies in Makwanpur district nearby Chitlang. The recently declared tourism destination offers ..


Walking down the historical path of Bandipur is a good experience of the typical and ornate culture followed by the people living here. With the hei..

Nagarjun Day Hike

The Nagarjun day hike is the only thing you will need for a or two day-off in the Kathmandu valley, to get rid of the traffic, noise and urban feeli..

Chitwan and Pokhara tour

Besides Kathmandu, some of the major touristic areas of Nepal are well known Chitwan National Park and the Tourist paradise Pokhara. Consisting some..