• Bhaktapur City Historical Day Tours

Bhaktapur City Historical Day Tours

Trip Overview

Trip Facts

  •    Country: Nepal
  •    Trip grade: Easy and fun Day
  •    Destination: Kathmandu valley City Tour
  •    Activities: Guided SIghtseeing Tour in of The Cultural World Heritage Side
  •    Accommodation: Good Hotel in Kathmandu
  •    Meals: Breakfast Inculded
  •    Maximum altitude: 1400m
  •    Group size: Min 3
  •    Best Season: It can happen all around the year depending upon your convenience

Bhaktapur, a city where the past breathes into the present. This glorious city used to be the ruling throne of the Kathmandu valley until the ruling king, Yakshya Malla, divided the valley among his three sons. This division in the kingdom broke the unity among the bothers which lead to fall of the kingdom in the hands of the Shah dynasty ruler from Gorkha. Before the kingdom was lost to the Shah dynasty kings, the kingdom was especially renowned for its Malla Yuddha which was a fierce combat between the two wrestlers. Hence one can observe the idols of the muscular wrestles as the trademark of the city. These carved wrestles are found in the various temples as the guardian of the and the Gods.

Bhaktapur is a complete representation of how Kathmandu valley would have looked during the Medieval period. This beautiful city is filled with breathtaking beautiful architectures, glorious temples which seem to touch the sky. The temples here are built in pagoda style which is believed to be the stairway to the heaven. Exquisite clay pottery and extensive courtyard whose existence is dated back to the 12th century. But the devotees still celebrate their pre-historic festival with incredible passion and rejoice.

Bhaktapur is the perfect city to experience the actual traditional culture of the city. One can see the women of the city dressed in their typical Newari cultural dress and performing their daily chores. Fetching water from the artistically crafted taps is one the most beautiful view that one can catch.

It is also known as bhadgaon which means the city of the rice. The bhaktapurians are proud of the inhabitants of their city and culture. They have preserved their Newari values exactly the mother preserves her child and has been successful to pass on those values to the upcoming generation. While roaming around the city, it's hard to resist the aroma coming from the ancient Newari cultural food and must try them on your visit to Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur durbar square which is located in the heart of the city is listed among the UNESCO world heritage. It is popular for 55 window palace. This palace was built by King Bhupatindra Malla and was completed until 1754 during the Reign of Jaya Ranjit Malla who was the last king of the Bhaktapur Malla Kings.

Bhaktapur has one of the tallest temple in Nepal called the Nyatapola Temple. It is the five stored temple with sky-high-roof top towering 30 meters above the ground.  This temple was built in 1702 during the reign of the king Bhupendra Malla. The temple is reached by staircase with the stone figures of the temple guardians on every step. This temple is dedicated to Siddha Laxmi, a blood thirsty incarnation of Goddess Durga.


The streets of the city are filled with typical Newari sweets shops. The city is also popular for its curd which is called Juju Dhau in Newari. People come from all over the placeS to taste the Bhaktapur's Juju Dhau. The city is clean which makes it perfect to walk around on its street. It is considered as the one beautiful UNESCO world heritage.Experience Bhaktapur and let yourself fall in love with the food and Newari culture here.


Detail Itinerary

This 2 days Kathmandu tour includes visiting of five cultural heritage of Nepal -Patan, Bhaktapur, Syambhunath, Pashupatinath, and BouXdha. Our team will be picking the visitors from their residential hotel after breakfast at 8 in the morning. Then we will be headed for the first-day tour that is Syambhunath, Boudhanath, and Pashupatinath. After the first-day tour is completed, our team will drop all the visitors to their residential hotels. The next day we will begin again at 8 in the morning for the second-day trip which will be Bhaktapur and Patan.


Cost Details

What is included?

What does the package includes:

  • Vehicle for the travel will be accommodated by us.
  • We will also be providing the visitors with a city guide to provide you with all the details necessary.
  • Lunch arrangements will be made by us.
  • Pick up and drop facility will also be arranged by us.
  • All the tickets for the entrance is included in the package itself.

(Note: The cost for the above mentioned things are included in the package itself and nothing will be charged extra for the sightseeing)


What is not included?

What does the package do not includes:

  • Breakfast and Dinner is not accommodated in the package.
  • The hotel cost is also not included in the package.
  • All the personal requirements will be not included in the package.

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Trip Higlights

  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square, one of the largest and ancient durbar square.
  • The famous sculptures of Bashantapur chowk that costed a man his hands.
  • The fifty windowed palace with the masterpiece of wood carving.
  • Watch the Bhaktapurs famous pottery’s square as it is made in the idyllic traditional square.
  • Nyatapola Temple, the tallest temple in Nepal in the huge square Taumadhi Square.
  • The Peacock window with most precious woodcarvings and national art treasures.
  • Try the Royal curd – JuJu Dhau.
  • The golden gate, the most intricate and well decorated gate of the world.