soul himalaya treks and tours

Low impact and Sustainability

Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours is committed to low impact, sustainable tourism. We realise that large scale tourism can have a high impact on local environment and culture. The effects of tourism can be even more pronounced in the unique and fragile environments of the Himalaya. It can also profoundly disturb the way of life of the villages and small hamlets along major trekking routes. Our treks our designed to be as low impact as possible by keeping group numbers small and by abiding by the rules and regulations set down by the government of Nepal to protect the environment and local communities. This is especially important to us because it is our families and communities that have much to gain and also much to lose from tourism. 

Supporting local communities

We want our tours and treks to have a positive effect in preserving and protecting village life and communities. The majority of the money you pay for trekking with Soul Himalaya directly supports the local communities through payment for food and accommodation, local guides and support staff. We are also donate 5% of our profits to local school projects.