General History of Nepal

As we all know that Nepal is an ancient historical country which is filled with many interesting spiritual activities. If we go to the deep details then we can as also find the reference about Nepal in early Hindu texts of Mahabharata and Purans. The great king of peace aka Buddha was born in Nepal in the city state of Lumbhini in 500 BC. The recorded history of Nepal starts from the Fifth Century, the Changunarayan temple in Kathmandu. With the help of that we can know the fact that Bhrikuti, the daughter of the Lichhavi King Amsuvarma (602 AD) was married to the Tibetan King Shrong Tsong Gompo and Buddhism travelled from Nepal to Tibet where the Buddha statues she brought from Nepal to Tibet are seen in Jokhang Temple of Lhasa even today. 

After the Lichhavis, the period of Malla started from the 12th century onward and continued till 1768. All the great architecture and the art of Kathmandu were granted by the glorious Malla period. During the Malla period Kathmandu was divided into small tiny city states, each with their own king and a standing army. Each kingdom wanted to conquer each other's state which caused a big clash within them. The British in India wanted to take the advantage of this situation but at the same time the great king prithivinarayan from Gorkha started to unify the country. The conquest of Kathmandu valley concluded the project in 1768. Then in 1846 Ranas attacked and killed all the important figures of the state to take the power from the king for next one century or more where Nepal remained closed to the outer world till 1950. 

In the time period of 1950 there was a revolt against the Ranas which established democracy in Nepal. But soon after the democracy now it was the turn of king to took the power over Nepal where he dismissed all the parliament and elected prime minister and ruled over Nepal till 1990. But after 1990 Nepal was again set free with established of democracy power, started a communist guerrilla war and which has just ended. Now we have all the party coalition government. Recently there was an election to elect constituent assembly to make a new constitution which was finally successfully made after many decays.