Paragliding in Nepal

As per the nature of this activity, blue sky paragliding is very suitable in Annapurna region in the context of our country Nepal.The epitome of beauty,Pokhara is the specific place from where paragliding takes place. With the convenient take off and landing spot, stable thermals and the jaw dropping scenario, Pokhara has become one of the most commercial paragliding zones.
Almost the entire beautiful aspects of the city can be viewed in a better way up from the sky. In order to treasure the memory of such adventure, related people from the paragliding team provides the picture and video. Of course, they charges some amount along with the paragliding itself but every single amount paid is totally worth the lifetime experience. For the convenience of the travelers who is willing to make the flight should at least book it 1 day advance. The weather plays prominent role in this activity, so depending upon the state of climate, the flight takes place. As the paragliding harness is provided for the safety of the passenger, one can enjoy what it offers with comfort and safety.


Ultra light is a flight that offers you the pleasant view of picturesque valley, mountains and lakes from up above the sky. The flight takes off from sunrise to 11am and from 3pm to sunset almost every day except for the rainy days. It consumes half an hour of you time and within this short period, the heaven is unleashed. Ultra light is quite expensive but the breathtaking scenario which you will see in 30 minutes is totally worth the price you pay.


Paragliding in Nepal
1 days

Activities: Adventure flight on Air

Trip grade: Adventure