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 Yoga Trekking

Life is a vast term and it keeps on changing with the expansion of vision for every possible way. People seeks for new things every other day because of the natural phenomenon and at times the tired nerves needs a rest, rest along the nature. People walks for purpose and if it is a trekking, there's definitely a simple yet beautiful motive behind and that is to witness the exquisite creation of mother nature. Relating it to the present topic, both the terms Yoga and Trekking are equally beneficial for mind, soul and the entire body. Who wouldn't want to have benefit that yoga and trekking gives? 

Nepal is fortunately blessed with so many wonderful spots that is worth a visit. High altitude mountains to the low lands of Nepal offers splendid destinations followed by beautiful scenarios. If someone out there is travel and yoga lover then Nepal is surely your cup of tea. Yoga is the extra service added to the normal trek and it can be done at any destination. This is actually needed for trekkers which gears them up for the trekking ahead. This is a total plus point for the trekkers who finds it hard to balance with the nature and sometimes for high altitudes too. Various parts of Annapurna region and other mountainous region are suitable for Yoga Trekking such as Poonhill, Ghandruk, Ghalegaun, Muktinath, Jomsom, Kagbeni etc. 

The blend of majestic scenarios and ever friendly Yogis makes the trip pretty much fruitful for any travelers around the world, be it mentally or physically. The glistening waterfalls, rivers and stone glaciers are some of the good  Breathing practices, normal stretches, relaxation and meditation are some of the Yoga practices. It requires nothing but just an enthusiasm followed by tranquility. 

Everest Region Yoga Trek

 As concentration is the key factor for yoga and meditation, there is nothing more as appropriate as nature for performing such activity. The yogic environment somehow includes the chirping of birds, glistening rivers and the sound of waterfall, falling of leaves. With the fact that Everest region offers most of the splendid views and spots, the goodness of the destination provides everything needed for a nature lover accompanied by Yoga and meditation.

Trekking can be held for everest basecamp and the added service would be yoga practice along the journey on each passing day. This is something that really compliments the trekking activity which includes proper inhaling and exhaling practice, proper relaxation, balanced diet etc. A yoga instructor will always be present in order to guide the trekkers all the way to the destination.