There are more than dozens of national parks in Nepal, handful of conservation areas, buffer zones and a hunting area as well, all of which having its own uniqueness in terms of bio diversity, either regarding floral or faunal diversity. For instance, the UNESCO world heritage site listed Chitwan National Park is comprised of the great one horn rhinocerous and the great bengal tiger which is one of the few national parks in all of Asia to have these extremely endangered animals. Another national park listed in the world heritage sites by UNESCO, Sagarmatha National Park is comprised of Snow leopard, Red panda, etc. which is a very rare sighting if you are lucky enough. Similarly, other national parks have their own unique attribute to allure you there as well.

While the mere sighting of these extremely endangered species not in an artificial or man-made cage but in their own natural habitat is a prize to be cherished per se, but we assure you that the temperament of these animals that you get to see in the national parks of Nepal is somewhat different, different as in the happiness their eyes portray (if happiness is the right word to use there), the comfort their body movements radiate for being in their natural home or in many other aspects which are better experienced rather than told. A national park safari in Nepal will surely be a lifetime opportunity that you will never be able to forget. Believe us in this one because this comes directly out of the virtue of our own experience.

Still yet, you have a lot of options while choosing the type of national park you want to go for a safari on. The national parks like Sagarmatha National Park is especially preferred as a trekking route due to its environment where the naitonal park is located encompassing some of the greatest peaks of the world, while on the otherhand, national parks like Chitwan and Bardiya, are specially famous for jungle safari. Other national parks that we haven't mentioned here also have a lot to offer, for instance Rara National Park with its serence environment in the lap of the Himalayas, Shivapuri National Park with a myriad of insects, butterflies, birds, etc.We really would suggest you to embark on a wildlife safari in the wildlands of Nepal if you haven't so far, there is a slew of options for you in the table and we will always be ready to serve you no matter which card you choose.  

Nagarjun Day Hike
1 days


Activities: Day Hike

Trip grade: Easy and fun Day

Max. Altitude: 2500

6 days


Activities: Cultural Tours and Zeep Safari and Birds Waching

Trip grade: Easy

Max. Altitude: 150m

Chitlang to Markhu Hike
7 days


Trip grade: ESSY