Mountain Climbing

    Probably one of the first major reason why you heard about Nepal in the first place was due to our magnificient mountains and the mighty Himalayas. Nor only do we have the highest peak in the world glistening all over the Nepalese sky, niether the eight of the ten highest peaks only but also more than 300 peaks that are clearly above 6000 m and are open for climbing purposes. The mountains of Nepal offer you with an unparalleled opportunity to marvel at easily one of the greatest human feat that a layman can rejoice for, as well. Every year, thousands of people all over the world come and try to achieve something that can easily be seen to be so super-humanly but still humanly ahievable.

Travelers from various parts of the world pays a visit every year to perform various activities and most of them their activity involves Trekking and expedition. They risks their life just to reveal the beauty behind the mountains leading it to the top most peaks. With so many mountain regions to be climbed, Nepal also offers the expedition for those who are ready to challenge the inevitable. Mountaineers can choose the destinations as per their desire ranging from low to high altitudes. Some of the popular expeditions are Mt Amadablam, Mt. Barunste, Mt. Annapurna, Mt.Lhotse, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Pumori among the rest Mt. Sagarmatha and Mt. Manaslu are challenging one.

Trekking in Nepal 

   It's obviously no surprise when we say somethings can only be experienced insofar as you experience it, but never to the fullest extent describable in mere words, either in speech or writing. The enigmatic mix of Nepalese culture and the beautiful nature that envelopes it, is one of them. You really need to experience this beautiful mixture by walking through them, living within them and existing by their side to truly experience what Nepal has to offer and Trekking is arguably the best way to do that. To help you plan, we have provided a range of treks to suit different abilities in the most popular and also, least visited trekking areas.  Some of the treks that we recommend are:Everest Region Trek, Rolwaling Trek, Sheyphoksundo Trek, DolpoTrek, Ghorepani - Poonhil Trek, Manang/Mustang Trek, Langtang Region Trek, Rara lake Trek and Annapurna Region Trek. Our suggestions are to help you find the trek that best suits you. We can always adjust or combine treks to suit your individual requirements.

Bird Watching in Nepal

   Nepal covers a mere 0.03% of the world's total landmass, yet we have almost 8% of the total number of bird species found all over the world, which spans a total of 646 species of birds in Nepal only. This heavy concentration of birds is further intensified in our small valley of Kathmandu, where alone 500 species of birds live beautifully alongside each other. We ensure you avid bird watchers out there that if you haven't visited Nepal yet, you are missing out in so much that you definitely want to watch.Take your natural experience in Nepal to a whole new level by going bird watching in Nepal. The country and specially the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the eastern Terai is a bird watcher’s paradise. More than 850 species of birds are found in Nepal, and a surprisingly a large number of these birds can be spotted in and around the kthmandu valley alone. The hills around the valley especially Nagarjun, Godavari and Phulchowki are popular bird watching areas and the Taudaha Lake on the way to Dakshinkali is fabulous for watching migratory water fowl during the winter months.

In the higher Himalayan regions are found the raptors and birds of prey of which there are numerous species. The various national parks like Chituwan National park and Bardiya harbor a wide variety of birds. But Koshi Tappu has better sightings of an incredible variety of both resident and migratory birds that come from as far away as Siberia. Nepal’s national bird is the lophophorous, Impeyen Pheasant locally called Danphe which is found in the Himalayan region. Bird watching trips are organized by most resorts and are accompanied by experienced naturalists.

Mountain Flight in Himalaya

  Though the mountains of Nepal have so much to offer to all in such a grand fashion, unfortunately, the effort, time and abilty might not be as equitably distributed amongst everybody as we would like it to be. On that regards, this is something that caters to everybody, because you get to experience the richness and grandeur of the Himalayas within just an hour, though not to a fullest extent but considering the time and effort one needs to put into it, it is totally worth it. Because we get to experience a part of the HImalayas, get fascinated by everything in it and have the greatest ever aerial view of one of the most lively spectacle humans have ever witnessed, all in an hour and with little to no effort whatsoever. 




Rock Climbing

   Though we concede that Nepal will probably not be considered one of the best in the world when it comes to Rock climbing, but the recent developments that we have seen all over the country and primarily in Kathmandu, have proved us a worthy contender for one of the best places for Rock Climbing. We do offer a lot of places where this wonderful sport can be tried out and the chill and ecstacy felt throughout the body. The rocks of Nepal will not fail to satisfy your deep yearnings for a wonderful climbing if you have one.





Water Activities

   The fact that Nepal is the second richest country in inland water resource is heavily publicized in almost any kind of website about Nepal you can encounter in the web. This shows the extent to which we all pride in the fresh resources of water the great Himalayas have gifted us with. But this also necessarily points out to the fact that there is a conspicuous link our waters and our tourism sector share. In such, it's not hard to visualize the emphasis we put upon waters for our dear guests (you guys). And, this includes a whole variety of activiites, including Rafting, Kayaking and Canyoning in the great HImalayan rivers. You will be surprised as to the range of options you can explore, in terms of rivers, regions, government-certified recreational service providers and intenstiy of a given activity. This is the extent to which the companies in Nepal give specialized focus on your individual needs and preferences. We at Soul Himalaya do our best so that you can have the best time in the mighty rivers of Nepal, either white water rafting in Trisuli for 5 days alone with a group of friends, or having a lovely family experience rafting in some other river, or maybe kayaking in some other. But, ultimately, it's about safety and the kind of service you are provided with and we surely excel at that.

Bungy Jumping

    The Bhote Koshi river in and the newly established center in Pokhara, cordially invites you to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush that you have craved your entire life for, the feeling of utmost excitement that one can only have jumping over a bridge 160 m down to a river, and coming back up. If you are someone who loves adventure, you most certainly will love Nepal and its bungy jumping. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is a bridge suspended 160 meters over the wild Bhote Kosi River. Located close to the Tibet border, it is a 3/4 hour bus drive  from Kathmandu. Enjoy this full-day jump adventure that includes round-trip transportation and lunch.You’ll travel the Arniko (Kathmandu/Lhasa) Highway to within 12 kilometers of the Tibet Border and the famous Friendship Bridge, to reach the jump location.The Gorge Cross Culture Trekking takes place on a 166-meter-wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhoti Kosi River. The Swiss-designed bridge was created especially for bungee jumping. Before its construction, locals had to walk for 5 hours just to cross this river gorge.You’ll be weighed before the jump, as different cords are used for different categories of weights. Feel the adrenaline rush begin as you prepare to jump

Paragliding in Nepal

   Similarly,Paragliding through the beautiful scenaries of mountains, rivers, lakes, villages, rivers, jugles and temples, is definitely something that will entice your inner soul and provide you satisfaction and happiness beyond measure. Trust us, we are speaking from experience. As per the nature of this activity, blue sky paragliding is very suitable in Annapurna region in the context of our country Nepal.The epitome of beauty,Pokhara is the specific place from where paragliding takes place. With the convenient take off and landing spot, stable thermals and the jaw dropping scenario, Pokhara has become one of the most commercial paragliding zones. Almost the entire beautiful aspects of the city can be viewed in a better way up from the sky. In order to treasure the memory of such adventure, related people from the paragliding team provides the picture and video. Of course, they charges some amount along with the paragliding itself but every single amount paid is totally worth the lifetime experience. For the convenience of the travelers who is willing to make the flight should at least book it 1 day advance. The weather plays prominent role in this activity, so depending upon the state of climate, the flight takes place. As the paragliding harness is provided for the safety of the passenger, one can enjoy what it offers with comfort and safety.

Mountain Biking

RIDE I HIMALAYA   If you prefer a different kind of adventure, where you take the steering wheels for yourself (literally) and make your own path throough the rigged mountains, rivers and forests, then the ever-famous mountaing biking in Nepal is something you can't risk to miss. This is certainly one of the most adventurous activities one can think of doing here in Nepal, whether you want to do it alone for yourself, or with a bunch of friends and buddies, this is perfect for everybody.We organize Many kind of  mountain bike routes lay claim to the title of the World’s Greatest, but only on our mountain bike tour Nepal will you be surrounded by five-mile-high peaks, and stay in teahouses run by local villagers stocked with good food and cold weather and bear. You’ll also ride some of the wonderful  local game  trails high in the Himalaya and  Kathmandu Valley – not to be underestimated!We’ll start to get you acclimatised to the altitude with a few days in the Kathmandu Valley, exploring the network of fabulous trails high above the hustle and bustle of the city, before heading up into the Himalayas.Following one of the most spectacular flights of your life, you’ll arrive in Mustang, the roof of the world, where you’ll experience some tough climbs, technical descents, fast, flowy singletrack, and the most breath-taking views you can imagine. Finally, we’ll ride in the Kali Gandaki Valley, the deepest in the world, with the towering giants of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri watching over us.

Jungle Safari

  The peaceful and diversity-filled jungles of Nepal provide you with an opportunity to have a closer view of the wild diversity of flora and faunas engulfing the forests of Nepal. In such, a visit to national parks, both which are world heritage sites, or which aren't, is something that an avid enthusiasts of nature can never miss in their visit to Nepal. You not only get to watch endemic species that you can view in no other place of the planet or just rejoice in the soothing calmness of the forests and have a great time in a jungle safari.