Rafting In Different Rivers Of Nepal
Nepal is a land of so many different kinds of world-class rivers which gives you a lot of chances for an exciting adventure.

Nepal is a land of so many different kinds of world-class rivers which gives you a lot of chances for an exciting adventure. You can have a day of Rafting or choose an extended trip that lets you camp on the river shore and enjoy the local Nepali culture and natural beauty. Rafting in Nepal is one of the most thrilling is considered a paradise for river runners. There are different grades of White-water rafting trips possible in Nepal and they vary with the interest and choice of the adventurers. Those who are looking for long days expedition-type run may join for Sun Koshi and Karnali rafting trip together combining with a wildlife safari tour in the nearby National parks.  For short rafting and family-run, you may go rafting in the Trishuli and Seti rivers for a smooth class of run and experience. If you have any queries about rafting in Nepal, let us know your interests we will offer you the best option and package.


Rafting In Different Rivers Of Nepal

Nepal is blessed with some of the wildest and most spectacular rivers in the world. The combination of beautiful mountain scenery, exhilarating white water rapids, warm water, and fascinating cultural opportunities make Nepal one of the best places to go for White-water rafting. Soul Himalaya Treks provides a fun and exciting rafting trip packages on the best rivers in Nepal. The best time for rafting in Nepal is usually September to early December and March to June. This is when the weather is best and the water is the warmest.

Soul Himalaya Treks runs two different types of river trips depending on how long you want your trip to be and what river you want to raft in. The first type is a day trip on the river. We provide transportation to and from the river as well as a full day of rafting. This is the perfect trip for anyone who wants to get a feel of White-water rafting or those who doesn’t have time for an overnight trip. Generally, we run most of our day trips on the Trishuli and Bhote Koshi rivers.

Our other type of trip consists of several days of rafting while camping overnight next to the river. This gives you plenty of time to swim and relax on some of the white sand beaches on the river. We have porters to set up camp and a personal cook who will prepare safe and hearty meals. Camping trips require a minimum of 5 to 8 clients in a group. So, it helps if you can find others who are interested in rafting as well. During the season we have many trips leaving several times a week so it isn’t hard to find a group. We can combine rafting with trekking or jungle adventures or both if you wish. 


Rivers Are Rated For Their Difficulty On A Scale Of Class 1 – 6

  • A class 1 river has a slower-moving current with little or no obstacles.
  • Class 2 & 3 rivers generally are fast-moving with some obstacles and smaller to medium size rapids.
  • Class 4 rivers have long, continuous sections of white water and large waves which requires strong paddling and good teamwork in the boat. 
  • Class 5 rivers have powerful, prolonged sections of rapids and big holes, which requires strong paddling and preferably some previous rafting experience.
  • Class 6 is considered to be almost impossible to run.