Sarki Sherpa (Samaten Hodser)
Sarki Sherpa (Samaten Hodser)

Sarki Sherpa (Samaten Hodser)

Mountain Leaders


English, Nepali, Sherpa, Tibetan, Hindi


27 years Outdoors Experience like Trekking, Hiking, adventures activities,Outdoors Backpacking in National and international Trekking and Tours company.

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Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Sarki Sherpa is an enthusiastic outdoor educator with extensive knowledge and experience in adventure tourism in Nepal. Growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas, his passion for travel ignited in his hometown- Okhaldhunga. This passion and love have fueled him ever since in his journey to becoming a professional mountain leader and creating his own trekking and adventure company - SoulHimalaya. For Sarki, even after almost 24 years of leading adventure trips, each trip is equally thrilling and exciting as his first. An avid climber, trekker, photographer, and outdoor educator, his enthusiasm for trekking and his thirst for learning are truly commendable.


  • Recognized as a qualified instructor for the Nepal Mountaineering Leadership (NML) course.  

  • Trekking guide training from the government of Nepal 

  • Advance mountain leaders course, C1C2 and Winter Course (NMA)2017 

  • Nepal Mountaineering Association NMA Instocotrs.

  • Climbing and mountaineering   Training from mountain academy Nepal (MAN)

  • Wilderness First Aid from  Training SOLO

  • Wilderness First Aid Responder from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

  • Basic Rescue Training from Nepal Mountaineering Inspectors Association NMIA

  • Rock indicatory Training Basic Recco Course Completed From Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association NMIA

  • Advance Backpacking Training  Completed from Leave No Trace LNT/WWF

  • High Altitude Risk Management and Leadership Training from Nepal Tourism Board NTB