• Patan Tours Nepal

Patan Tours Nepal

Trip Overview

Trip Facts

  •    Country: Nepal
  •    Trip grade: Easy and fun day
  •    Destination: Kathmandu valley City Tour
  •    Activities: Guided sightseeing tour in of the cultural World Heritage the majestic Kathmandu City in just 2 days.
  •    Accommodation: Good Hotel in Kathmandu
  •    Meals: Breakfast Inculded
  •    Maximum altitude: 1400m
  •    Group size: Min 3
  •    Best Season: It can happen all around the year depending upon your convenience

Patan is also known as Lalitpur. It is a city of beauty. It is hardly 5 km away from Kathmandu City but despite being so close to Kathmandu it is able to preserve its ancestral uniqueness which makes Patan a different environment to experience in a short visit.

Kathmandu valley was an independent and strong kingdom during the reign of the King Yakshya Malla. It became a melting pot of two religions and Hinduism and Buddhism. The Krishna temple of the Patan which lies in the heart of the city, whose entire architecture was dedicated to the philosophy of the Buddhist Dharma-Chakra (Wheel of Righteousness). This combination of this two religion helped to modal Patan as a glorious city in culture, tradition, religion, art, and heritage.

Patan is popular for its durbar squares, temples, alleys, cuisine, hospitality and religious tolerance presents the pre-historic state of the city. It has 55 major temples, 136 Buddhist monasteries, fine metal works and countless festivals. It is a city which takes pride in the production of the great Thanka painters in the city. This lively city full of culture and tradition paints its corners and alleys with Thanka paintings. These Thanka paintings of the gods and goddesses on the walls of the city speak about its culture and its lets visitors wondering on its significance.

Patan is peaceful and clean due to which it has become a perfect spot for the diplomats, INGOS, and NGOs. Although Patan is close to the capital city its significance and uniqueness outstood it. The shops on the streets of Patan are filled with Thanka paintings, Buddhist sculptures, Pubs, cafes and brass statues which can be a perfect souvenir that one can buy to remember Patan.

Patan is also a city where you can experience divinity in real life. This is the city famous for the living goddess "Kumari". This tradition dates back to the 17th century where world's oldest religions Hinduism and Buddhism interlinks. One can get a glimpse of the goddess if you visit the Kamari Ghar. In the month of August, a big festival called the Indra Jatra is celebrated where the living Goddess Kumari is Praded around the city in her palanquin. It is a sight that will leave you breathless where the masked man and devotees dance to traditional Newari music and pull the chariots of Lord Indra and Kumari. Visit Patan and let yourself to behold these experiences for the life.


Detail Itinerary

This 2 days Kathmandu tour includes visiting of five cultural heritage of Nepal -Patan, Bhaktapur, Syambhunath, Pashupatinath, and BouXdha. Our team will be picking the visitors from their residential hotel after breakfast at 8 in the morning. Then we will be headed for the first-day tour that is Syambhunath, Boudhanath, and Pashupatinath. After the first-day tour is completed, our team will drop all the visitors to their residential hotels. The next day we will begin again at 8 in the morning for the second-day trip which will be Patan.


Cost Details

What is included?

What does the package includes:

  • Vehicle for the travel will be accommodated by us.
  • We will also be providing the visitors with a city guide to provide you with all the details necessary.
  • Lunch arrangements will be made by us.
  • Pick up and drop facility will also be arranged by us.
  • All the tickets for the entrance is included in the package itself.

(Note: The cost for the above mentioned things are included in the package itself and nothing will be charged extra for the sightseeing)


What is not included?

What does the package do not includes:

  • Breakfast and Dinner is not accommodated in the package.
  • The hotel cost is also not included in the package.
  • All the personal requirements will be not included in the package.

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1 days

Trip Higlights

  • Patan Durbar Square, the home to the ruling king.
  • The patan museum where one can discover the past of the city.
  • The Golden temple which is made up of gold, silver, and bronze ornaments.
  • The impressive five story Kumbheshwar temple.
  • The Uku Bahal, one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries.
  • The Mahanouddha temple, a stone temple with over 1000 images of Buddha.
  • The Machhindranath Temple, the temple of the rain god.
  • Courtyard and the house of the patan’s living goddess Kumari.