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Accessible Adventure

Accessible adventure is adventure travel made easy for the differently abled, or anyone suffering from a medical or physical disability. Accessible adventure is a part of ‘accessible tourism’, a growing sector of the tourism industry that strives to make travel more convenient for those with some form of disability. Besides cultural and historical tours, ‘accessible tourism’ also includes activities related to adventure travel – like whitewater rafting and bungee jumping. ‘Accessible tourism’ aims to present mobility-challenged travellers as complete an experience as that offered to able-bodied folks. Indeed, more and more operators in the tourism industry now offer packages that cater especially for the differently abled.


History Of Accessible Adventure

The development of creating travel services for the differently abled is a recent one – but a welcome one. More and more operators are entering the ‘accessible tourism’ space, providing holidays based around activities like wildlife safaris and whitewater rafting. Indeed, in addition to out-and-out adventure activities, wildlife safaris make up a popular component of accessible adventure, and many outfits around the world offer safari holidays tailored specifically for the differently abled.  


Accessible Adventure In Nepal

India, admittedly, is not the most hospitable of places for people that have some form of disability. But things are changing, albeit slowly. A fair number of resorts and hotels, big and small, now put in a lot of effort to make the stay of differently-abled people as comfortable as possible. As with everything, check whether the destination you’re headed to does have facilities that are accessible to the disabled. There are, in India, adventure-activity operators that keep the needs of the differently abled in mind – again, do a background check on whether these travel providers have the wherewithal, and also the necessary training, to make the experience for the differently abled as pain- and hassle-free as possible. The country does not have a great record when it comes to looking after the safety and comfort of the differently abled, but a few set-ups have, admirably, gone the extra mile to make themselves disabled-friendly.