Kathmandu Valley Tours

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Kathmandu Nepal
duration 2 days
maximum altitude 1400m
trip difficulty easy
total cost $70
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  • Pashupatinath means "the load of the animals". This temple is the biggest temple in Nepal and is one of the four most important religious sites in Asia. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Shiva and is one of the most ancient temples of Nepal built in the 5th Century.
  • The temple is built in Pagoda style with gilded roofs. On the raised platforms of the river cremation of the Hindus take place. It is believed that once cremated on Pashupati's riverbank the soul will find peace and will never be reborn to an animal.
  • Pashupatinath is listed among the 8 UNESCO world heritage sites. It is among the few living cultures of the world. Unlike many other cultural sites, Pashupatinath is the center of energy with visitors all day long.
  • Every year with the blooming spring a huge festival called Maha Shivaratri is celebrated.The festival is celebrated on the 4th of March which attracts thousands of pilgrimages, visitors, sadhu, and devotees from all across the world to come here. People stay in endless lines to get inside the temple for prayer.Anyone visiting Kathmandu must experience this religious hub as it is a mixture of religious, cultural, and spiritual experiences.  

For Meals
  • Breakfast Included
For Accommodation
  • Hotel
  • 1350m

  • Our second-day rolls with a tour of Patan and Bhaktapur.
  • Patan is one of the most important cities of Nepal and is extremely popular for its temples, monuments, art, and food. Patan Durbar Square (also enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Site), built around the 16th century, provides an excellent platform for tourists to admire the beauty of ancient palaces, temples, and tapestries.
  • Next on, we head towards Bhaktapur.
  • Despite being the smallest district of Nepal, Bhaktapur is extremely rich in culture and tradition. Bhaktapur has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Changunarayan Temple).
  • After the cultural tour, our team members will drop you off at your residential hotel.
For Meals
  • Breakfast Included
For Accommodation
  • Hotel/Lodge
  • 1350m


  • Breakfast and Dinner is not accommodated in the package.
  • All the personal requirements will be not included in the package.
  • The hotel cost is also not included in the package.