Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition




The terms and conditions of all agreements made with the company, Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours are subject to the regulations and laws of the Government of Nepal. Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours are not liable under any conditions should there be any kind of travel via third-party carriers within the period of the confirmed trip. The company is also not liable for any kinds of force majeure such as natural disasters, strikes, riots, industrial action, war, sickness quarantine, and weather conditions during or after the trek. However, the company and personnel accompanying you within the duration of the trek will do their best to meet your demands and give only the best trekking and holiday experience possible.  



According to the regulation mandated by the Government of Nepal, a foreigner cannot purchase insurance in Nepal. Hence, all the necessary insurance required for the trek and visitation of Nepal should be purchased prior to their arrival in Nepal. Thus, clients are humbly requested to submit their insurance policy documents at the time of booking any particular trip with us. The Company will also not be liable for any illness, injuries, or any other unforeseeable accident during a trip nor will it be obligated to compensate for any uninsured losses on the client’s property. 



In case any cancellations are requested by the client due to any circumstances, Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours will be liable to deduct a certain amount from the advance payment. Such deduction will act as compensation for the work done by the Company while making the booking. 

The scale of charges in case of Cancellation will be listed below: 

  • Cancellation of any booking more than four weeks before the departure of the trip must be in writing after which 75% of any deposit paid by you - excluding any costs incurred by us in the course of the preparation of your trip/holiday- will be returned to you as soon as is practical.
  • Cancellation less than four weeks (28 days) before departure will result in the total loss of any deposit paid.
  • Cancellation by Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours of a trip will entitle you to a full refund.
  • No refund or compensation will be awarded for any unused services booked for your trip, e.g. flights, hotels, accommodation.
  • The company will not be liable for any kinds of delays that occurred to any arrangements made by the client. Thus, the company is not liable to compensate the client, for example, liable if your flight is canceled, delayed.
  • All the refunds and compensations liable to be paid by Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours will be done so at the exchange rate of the time or date of the payment by the client. 


Any kinds of complaints regarding the trip must be made to the Group Leader or Chief Guide either in written or oral form. If you feel that your complaints have not been successfully dealt with, they must be presented to the company within one month of your return from the trek. We are more than happy to make any future venture more efficient based on your suggestions. 



To book a trip, you have to complete a form of the specified trip and provide the requested deposit. The balance due is to be payable no less than 4 weeks before arrival. Failure to make the payment will jeopardize your booking and arrangements. All the payments are to be made by wire transfer to an account provided by the company and it will ensure that you have agreed with all our terms and conditions for trekking and tours related activities. All the details and payments of the client will remain strictly confidential to protect the privacy of the client.

Incomplete Trek or Tours

The company is not liable to pay any refund or compensation to the client should he/she wishes to end the trip prematurely due to any circumstances. Also, should the government revoke the permit for touring in any particular location due to any sort of disaster in the area, the client may not seek any refund on the payment. 

Agreement of Compliance

All tourists must comply with the rules and regulations laid down by the Government of the country. Any sorts of illicit activities within the duration of the trek is strictly discouraged by the company. If the client is found to have breached any law and regulation, the company has the right to get the authorities involved. Should the client fall under the hand of the authority because of the unlawful act, Soul Himalaya Treks and Tours is not liable to pay any financial compensation to the client. 

Furthermore, during the duration of the trek, the decisions made by the Group Leader will be absolute. Our Group Leaders and Guides have decade’s worth of experience in their fields and will absolutely work towards providing the best trek/tour/expedition experience to the clients. Any suggestions and requests will gladly be accepted unless it hinders the wellness of the client, guide, or Team Leader.