Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




The terms and conditions of all agreements made with the company, Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours are subject to the regulations and laws of the Government of Nepal. Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours are not liable for any kinds of travel via third party carriers within any parts of the trip. The company is not liable for any kinds of force majeure such as earth quakes, strikes, riots, industrial action, wars, sickness quarantine, and weather conditions during or after the trek. However, the company, and its personnel will do their best to achieve all the trekking or holiday aims.  



The company will not organize any kinds of insurance for you. You will be responsible for arranging your own insurance. Thus, clients are humbly requested to submit their insurance policy documents at the time of booking the respective trip with us. The Company will not be liable for any illness injury or death occurred during a trip nor will it be liable for any uninsured losses on your property.



If the cancellation arise the following scale of charges will apply:

  • Cancellation of any booking more than four weeks before the departure of the trip must be in writing after which 75% of any deposit paid by you - excluding any costs incurred by us in the course of the preparation of your trip/holiday- will be returned to you as soon as is practical.
  • Cancellation less than four weeks (28 days) before departure will result in the total loss of any deposit paid.
  • Cancellation by Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours of a trip will entitle you to a full refund.
  • No refund or compensation will be awarded for any unused services booked for your trip, e.g. flights, hotels, accommodation.
  • The company will not be liable for any kinds of delays occurred due to any arrangements made by the client. Thus, the company is not, for example liable if your flight is cancelled, delayed.



Any kinds of complaints regarding the trip must be made to the group leader or chief guide either in writing or oral. If you feel that your complaints have not been successfully dealt with, they must be presented to the company within one month of your return from the trek.



To book a trip, you have to complete a form of the specified trip and provide the requested deposit. The balance due is to be payable no less than 4 weeks before arrival. Failure to make the payment will jeopardize your booking and arrangements. All the payments are to be made by wire transfer to an account provided by the company and it will ensure that you are agreed with all our terms and condition for trekking and tours related activities.