Soul Himalaya Treks and Tours, a registered trek and tour company endorsed by the Nepal government, is comprised of a dedicated team of seasoned professionals in mountain tourism. Established in 2016 with over a decade of collective trekking expertise, our firm is committed to fostering responsible tourism practices in Nepal. Our bespoke tour packages are tailored to accommodate individuals of diverse ages, fitness levels, and experience backgrounds, ensuring accessibility for all. As proponents of responsible tourism, we conscientiously consider the social and environmental impacts of our operations, prioritizing community welfare and environmental preservation throughout our journeys.



To emerge as a premier trekking and tourism enterprise, setting benchmarks for sustainable, responsible, and inclusive tourism practices.


To curate transformative travel experiences that facilitate deep engagement with nature and culture, while fostering positive socio-economic outcomes for the destinations we explore and the local communities we engage with.

Community and Environmental Stewardship:

We are committed to giving back to the communities and ecosystems that enrich our journeys. A portion of our proceeds is allocated towards community development and environmental conservation initiatives. Upholding the fundamental right to education, we actively engage in community-level initiatives to support the well-being of young students, as evidenced in our collaboration with international trekkers at Patle School (Read our blog for further insights). Recognizing the intrinsic link between nature and tourism, we advocate for the humane treatment of street dogs and elephants, combatting exploitation and championing compassion towards all living beings.

About us

We are a legally registered trekking company under the latest constitution of Nepal 2073 B.S; established specifically to organize trekking and safari activities all over Nepal. Soul Himalaya guarantees that, with us you will have the finest trekking in the mountains of Nepal with our privileged services. So far, we have been capable to present a unique and satisfying adventure towards the trekkers and travelers all round and will be working effectively to meet your expectations.

In addition to our trekking and adventure services, we have strong commitments for the conservation of local cultures, traditions and environments. We have been funding 5% of our revenue to the education and health sector of rural areas at a grass root level. Hence, when you are enjoying your trip and having a wonderful time you are also providing a valuable contribution to local communities and the people there. 

Expert Destination Knowledge:

Our team of experienced travel specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of destinations, ensuring a well-informed and enriching travel experience.

Personalized Itineraries

We take the time to understand your preferences and interests, creating tailor-made itineraries that cater to your unique travel desires.

Hassle-Free Planning

Leave the logistics to us. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience from start to finish.

Exclusive Experiences

Gain access to hidden gems and extraordinary experiences not available to the average traveler, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Excellent Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7, providing assistance and peace of mind throughout your journey.

Trusted Partnerships

We collaborate with reputable accommodations, transportation providers, and local guides, ensuring your safety, comfort, and the highest quality of service throughout your trip.


We have a team of highly skilled and experienced people with all having extensive knowledge of guiding, trekking, adventure, tourism and culture. The minimum experience of our guides is no less than 10 years. We will work with you to develop the travel experience you have always dreamt of, whether a private trip or as part of a group. We will guide you not only through the mountains but also through the whole process of building your dream trip, supporting you at each step, culminating in an adventure that will connect you to the people and places of Nepal. We take pride in treating our customers as our guests – you will be honored into our Sherpa family.


Soul Himalaya team holds a long term history in the tourism industry. Every single staffs that you will be assigned by us is an individual who has gained on-the-ground experience for more than dozens of years in the field of trekking. With a long running experienced and certified staffs on your journey we ensure that you will come across the most rewarding trek.

  • Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Tourism Department License number 2250
  • Certificate of Incorporation of Company( NCR); Registered no.160751
  • Nepal Tourism Board( NTB ); Registered no. 2250
  • Nepal Government's Ministry of Finance and Tax; Registered no.604374369
  • Nepal Government's Ministry of Industry (Cottage and Small Industrial Office); Registered no.15099-635 
  • Trekking Guide Association Nepal (TGAN); Registered no.2367 
  • Nepal Mountain Leaders Association (NMLA); Registered no.3670 
  • Nepal Academy Of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM); Registered No 6889 
  • Member with Trekking Agency Association Nepal (TAAN) 
  • Member with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  • Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Nepal Mountain Academy (MAN)
  • Leave No Trace (LNT)
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


We have been delivering productive services to all our clients. Our customer satisfaction is evidence from the amount of re-bookings that our client’s book with us repeatedly. And the amount of referrals we receive from our satisfied customers to their friends, families and relatives is also a trademark achievement we have been able to gather.

We belief your safety is the most crucial factor to consider for any trip. With that aim in mind, we plan and execute our trips with the most careful manner possible. We always make sure that a balance between safety and entertainment carefully considered by the trip leaders. For this reason we are well informed about the fooding and lodging along with the legal, social and cultural matters of any place that you are going very seriously and plan everything accordingly. We have various emergency equipment and procedures all the time ready in case if any unforeseen situation occurs.

  • Leadership trained from Nepal moutainneering association NMA

A good leader is a vital factor for every prosperous trip. "Each leader can be an extraordinary; however every guide can't be an incredible leader". Consistently, Soul Himalaya puts every single staff for preparing consistently, which makes the perfect training. Without the leadership abilities and legitimate preparing, a guide can't settle on the perfect choice at the perfect time. This is vital, particularly in the mountains since you don't have the opportunity to think and talk with the workplace as some of the time the correspondence gets untrustworthy in the far off regions and the guides should take brief choices and react appropriately.

  • First aid trained  like WFA &WFR from national outdooer leadership school NOLS

Travelling in the wild don't ensure wellbeing if upheld with emergency treatment information we must be prepared. There are no clinics or wellbeing focuses in each spot in the mountains. Our exceptionally proficient guides are WFR&WFA trained, during crises in the mountains until taking a debilitated climber back to the closest medical clinic or to the city. Guides treat from their broad first aids clinical pack, which is compulsorily to be conveyed by the leader or guide on all trips. 

  • High altitude trained Nepal moutainneering association NMA

The main view is to provide best service with safety. We don't compromise your safety at any expense in the mountains, which is essential. It is really sad where most of cheap operators fool around with traveller’s life. We have a ZERO DEATH record on our over five years of activity, why? A guide needs to settle on the perfect choice at the perfect time, so they have the right to be prepared on High Altitude where we have professional guides. It is phenomenal concerning when or where the requirement for clearing emerges while journeying or moving in the high mountains where there are no health posts or street availability in the crisis to take back to the city's emergency clinic. There is no other option, aside from salvage and departure via air emergency vehicle, which is exceptionally problematic to sort out during the high season. Soul Himalaya has Helicopter services when required, we can arrange one promptly to protect and save your life.

Yes, we are fully authorized by the government to conduct any kinds of activities relating to trekking and traveling. All of our guides are licensed and experienced mountain guides.

Dress codes vary according to altitude of travel and duration of the trek too. Come with clothing you feel comfortable in and could wear for long periods of time. For more information please contact us, and we can provide with a gear list. We will be more than happy to assist you.

You will encounter many tea houses on your trek. A tea house is a lodge operated by the locals of a village to support their family and community. During the evenings and night the teahouses offer you beverages, food, warmth, and a chance to chat with other trekkers and locals. Teahouses are not five star hotels, but basic accommodation including breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a very affordable price. Many teahouses offer hot showers where you have to a small fee (usually around $2). Wifi and battery charge is also offered with a small fee.

As the name suggests, a camping trek is camping, in which you will have to accommodate yourself and your companions along with the staff in tents. The tents will consist of kitchens and bedrooms. All the tedious and cumbersome tasks will be done by our staff. These kinds of treks are said to be really adventurous and fun.

Soul Himalaya Leaders & Team

Nothing makes us happier than having a team of like minded people working towards the same goal. A journey of delight with friends and family, meet the minds behind Soul Himalaya

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