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Soul Himalaya Treks and Tours is a team of motivated professional leaders in mountain tourism. After more than a decade of experience in trekking, in 2016 we founded our company, with a vision for responsible tourism in Nepal. Our leaders have worked with reputed national and international companies, who have inspired us to grow and contribute to the diversified tourism sector of Nepal. Following a tradition of deep hospitality we honour travellers as "God and Goddess". We perform our activities together with you, always striving to attain harmony with nature and society. 

We believe that it is not about the destination but about the journey. We respect your desires and craft holidays according to your preferences, providing a wide variety of activities, accommodations and custom plans. We offer accommodations that go from intimate bed and breakfasts up to luxury hotels, while providing all that you need for activities ranging from high altitude trekking to heritage tours. Our expertise consists in showing you the beauty of nature, history and people, with in-depth knowledge of our destinations while adding a personal touch to make a memorable vacation.

Why Travel with Soul Himalaya Treks

It is Time to Meet the Team.

We are a legally registered trekking company under the latest constitution of Nepal 2073 established specifically to conduct trekking and safari activities all over Nepal.Soul Himalaya are convinced that, with us you will have an experience of a lifetime trekking in the mountains of Nepal because we provide the highest quality of service. We know that our customers expect high standards and we use their feedback to continually improve and adjust our services to ensure the best possible trekking experiences with the highest safety standards. Until now, worldwide trekkers, mountaineers and adventurous tour lovers have found many reasons to trek with our Soul Himalaya treks Group.


Professional, Friendly and Committed Team  

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced people with all having extensive knowledge of guiding trekking, adventure tourism and culture.The minimum years of experience of any of our guides in our company is no less than 20 years and we are fluent in English with French and German speaking guides. We will work with you to develop the travel experience you have always dreamt of, whether a private trip or as part of a group.We will guide you not only through the mountains but also through the whole process of building your dream trip, supporting you at each step, culminating in an adventure that will connect you to the people and places of Nepal. We take pride in treating our customers as our guests - you will feel that you have been invited into our Sherpa family.

We are fully registered and certified by the Government of Nepal and provide a wide range of Natural,Cultural, tours and adventure trekking and climbing opportunities in Nepal. We deliver true value, through the provision of exceptional service at competitive prices, but not at the cost of the environment or our social responsibilities. You can travel to places, where you would have never thought possible and experience the traditional and modern cultural life of Nepal.In addition to our trekking and adventure services, we have strong commitments to conservation of local cultures and environments, and actively promote rural children’s education.

We like to give back, working to support rural communities at a grass root level in the fields of health and education. So, when you are enjoying your trip and having a wonderful time you are also providing a valuable contribution to local communities. Though most people you will meet in Nepal are friendly and helpful, we work tirelessly to ensure that you will have the best experience within our company as well.


Our responsibilities towards communities and the people. 

Our services are not only limited to Trekking or Mountaineering, but we can provide many other recreational activities that can be enjoyed in Nepal, such as rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, animal safari and many more. You can travel to places, where you would have never thought possible and experience the traditional and modern cultural life of Nepal. 

One of the Soul Himalaya's founding policies is to give a 5% of our profits to the local community. Therefore, we earned the profits to socio-economic objectives by supporting local schools and charities in rural areas. Furthermore, Soul Himalaya Treks and Tour is a specialized company for indoor and outdoor adventures journeys in Nepal. We also provide the best of us with reasonable prices to make this trip successful. 


Vast Experience in the Industry   

An important factor for a successful trip is the amount of experience possessed by the guides involved. Every single guide that you will be assigned by us are individuals who have gained on-the-ground experience for more than dozens of years. Even though it has just been three years since our inception as a company, all of us have toiled in the tourism industry for dozens of years. We provide services that are not only presented with careful deliberation over what is best for everyone involved, but also sprinkles of vast experience in the industry.


Delivers Satisfaction to Our Customers 

In our short history of three years, we have delivered fulfilling services to many clients. Our customer satisfaction is evident from the amount of re-bookings that our client’s book with us repeatedly. And the amount of referrals we receive from our satisfied customers to their friends, families and relatives is also a trademark achievement we have been able to garner, not only as a company, but also as individuals working in the field before the company even started.

Safety is the Top Priority for Us 

We think safety is the most crucial factor to consider for any trip. With that aim in mind, we plan and execute our trips with the most careful manner possible. That means having well-experienced and well-trained guides to guide you through the natural wilderness. It means having a delicate balance between safety and entertainment carefully considered by the trip leaders from years and years of training and experience in the field. It means considering the food we eat, clothes we wear and activities we do. It also means considering the legal, social and cultural matters of any place that we go to very seriously and plan everything accordingly. We have various emergency equipment and procedures ever ready any unforeseen situation may occur.

We are a legally registered trekking company under the latest constitution of Nepal 2073 established specifically to conduct trekking and safari activities all over Nepal. We are autorised by the constitution to conduct all the activities that we conduct and we are happy to let you know about this. 


Companey Verified  

  • Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Tourism Department Licence No 2250
  • Curtificat of Incorporattion of Companay( NCR) Resister No 160751
  • Nepal Tourism Bord( NTB ) Resister No 2250
  • Nepal Government's Ministry of Finance and Tax Register no. 604374369
  • Nepal Government's Ministry of Industry (Cottage and Small Industrial Office) Register no. 15099-635
  • Member with Trekking Agency Association Nepal (TAAN) 
  • Member with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  • Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation Nepal Moutain Academy (MAN)
  • Trekking Guide Association Nepal (TGAN) Resister No 2367 
  • Nepal Moutain Leaders Association (NMLA)  Restster No 3670
  • Leave No Trace (LNT)
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Nepal Academy Of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) Resister No 6889 
About Us

Yes, we insist you to take out insurance. You should have yourself insured before your arrival to Nepal and it should cover all expenses. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Many of our trekkers have been happy with dog tag insurance.

It is not compulsory. However, it has been a common trait and the guides and porters will be expecting a small amount of tips from you. A small amount to you can hold a great essence in their life and can go a long way to help them and their families. Feel free to ask us for a suggested standard amount.

No. People under 18 should be accompanied by their parents or guardian and should have the required health ability to trek in the Himalayas.

In average you will walk at least 5 hours but no more than 7 hours. It is common to begin early in the morning, have an hour rest for a lunch, and arrive at a teahouse well before sunset.

You will be astounded with all the local and international food items you will get to choose in tea house during the trek. A typical teahouse will serve items such as rice, potatoes, curry, vegetables, dumplings, pasta, soup, and lots of local tea. All the food you will be served will be highly fresh, hygienic, energetic and organic.

Our trekking guides have attended various kinds of first aid training programs and will provide you with some general medications. If the case becomes serious, you will be taken to a local hospital or maybe back Kathmandu for treatment. Prior to the trek, please notify us with any allergies that you may have so we can best assist you.

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