Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

Nepal is a land with the mighty Himalayas.
It is home to 8 of 14 of the world's highest mountains.

Nepal is a land tucked underneath the mighty Himalayas and is the home to 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world.

Nepal, being the small country that it is, has garnered countless attentions because of the cultural diversity, vast biological specimens, religious harmony, and trekking trails. However, one fact that nobody can deny is the country’s Peak Climbing prowess. Having some of the tallest mountains in the world, including the tallest, Nepal has been earmarked as the dream destination for mountaineers all over the world.

Being on top of the summit of mighty mountains is a dream for many. Looking down from the Himalayas and gazing at the marvelous mountain vista from the top is a new way to be alive. Peak Climbing has always been on the top of the bucket-list of any thrill-seekers and Nepal is the best location where they can fulfill their dream.

Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours has been making many mountaineering enthusiasts’ dreams come true. Our Peak Climbing packages are specially tailor-made to make the expedition go as smoothly as possible. Our Team Leaders and guides are also highly trained with decades of experience in catering to the needs of every mountaineer and making their dream into a reality. All our ascending treks are guided by experienced Sherpas who are enlisted with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). They furnish you with all security measures, meteorological forecasts, and other valuable data and exhort which will make your climbing progressively protected.

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Destination in Nepal has some of the most diverse landscape in the world leading to acivities suited for all types of travellers.