Responsible Tourism  Policy

Responsible Tourism Policy

Responsible Tourism Policy

Soul Himalaya Tours and Treks have always felt pride in the fact that we can operate in one of the most naturally gifted countries and the country with such optimum hospitality to offer for not only the tourists but also for a tourism company such as ourselves. Throughout our years of business, Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours have been looking for solutions to give back to the Nepalese community that has made us who we are. 

It would be an overstatement to claim that we’ve achieved every policy to a 100% that we have laid out, but Soul Himalaya has always left no stones unturned to pursue our set-goals. 

Here are some of our policies that we have established to promote Responsible Tourism: 



Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours’ primary belief has always been to maintain the best relationship with every one of our suppliers. In order to maintain such a high level of trust, we ensure to always pay our suppliers upfront or on time. 

Most of our suppliers are also of local origins and in that way, we can also spread out the earnings to the much deserving local communities. 


Planned Execution of Experiences

While developing plans for any future expeditions or tours, we make sure that the said plan has no detrimental effects on neither the client nor the environment. 

Soul Himalaya always promotes the local culture, cuisines, and beliefs of the region we are traveling to, and to not disrupt the authentic ways of life of the people in the region, we encourage our clients to embrace the same. 


Policies en route

We always prefer to promote authentic home-stays and locally run lodges than camping outside while on the trail. First of all, it is the best way to experience the way of living of the locals. Furthermore, it is one of the few ways for the locals to make an earning. 

We also encourage our clients to purchase locally made products, village operated lodges, cafes, and restaurants. 


Our Crews

All of our team members and crew are a bunch of hard-working people who have always prioritize the safety of their clients first. So, to ensure we give them back for their sheer commitment, we always hire only the local guides and crewmates whenever possible. While traveling solo is also a possibility, we encourage our clients to hire these committed crew members to make client’s trek an easy experience while also ensuring their employment. 

We also always request our clients to hire a porter while on their journey. These exceptionally hard-working people have a daily wage of only Rs. 1500 or USD 15 which is less than the cost of a couple of drinks in a Starbucks. However, they work to ensure your trek goes as seamlessly as possible. 


Our Team

Our Team consists of Nepalese Citizens of every background, ethnicity, gender, religion, and caste. We have zero-tolerance when it comes to discrimination. 

We also provide in-depth and regular training to our team members so that they always stay on top of their game at any given moment. 

Everyone in our team is humble, respectful, and passionate about their craft. So, we also make sure to protect their dignity and respect their beliefs.


Our Office

To maintain a good and well-run business, a good office is mandatory. Therefore, our office is the embodiment of our beliefs. We have decorated our office to promote Nepali society using only locally made furniture, fair-trade products, and environment-friendly products. 

We also do not believe in fancy artworks, pamphlets, and brochures. We have adopted to promote our business digitally, minimizing our costs, which can better be used for charity, boosting team morale, or promoting local products. 

Environmental sustainability is one of our primary beliefs and we are constantly on the move to preserve environmental integrity and promoting the recycling of waste. 



Our position in the Nepal Tourism scene would not have been possible without the help of the locals. We are incredibly grateful to have been supported by various communities and people since our inception. Therefore, to pay them back for their support, we actively participate in various social and charitable works. We invest both our time and capital to make sure we contribute to the welfare of the communities that have helped us so much. 


Our Clients

Our clients are our number one source of motivation and to make sure they have only the best time in our land, we entitle ourselves to teach our clients the proper etiquettes, formalities, and culture of the destination. We also teach our clients about the dos and don’ts of the host destination to minimize the chances of them disrupting the way of living of the people.