Heart & Soul

Embark on an unforgettable cultural experience, and yoga and meditation journey, across some of Nepal’s most significant destinations: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and the charming villages of the Kathmandu Valley, and Namo Buddha region.

You’ll celebrate the vibration of this amazing country under the guidance of yoga instructor Stephanie Marichal, grounding and deepening awareness and peace through exploration of the seven Chakras.

In Kathmandu, discover spiritual serenity amidst ancient Hindu temples and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and embrace the essence of this bustling capitol.  Connect with a local non-profit working in local handcrafts to bring higher education for girls. Visit World Heritage sites and a Thanga art school.

Pokhara's breathtaking lakeside location, and dramatic hillside village landscapes, provide a perfect backdrop for rejuvenating yoga sessions, complemented by the breathtaking mountain views of the Annapurna range.

Chitwan National Park offers a unique blend of wildlife and tranquility. Engage in yoga and meditation with elephants, fostering a deep connection with nature. Glide through serene river waters in a dugout canoe indulging in early morning bird watching. Embark on a thrilling rhinoceros encounter, enjoy a short jungle walk, and tour local villages by bicycle.

The Namo Buddha region, and villages of Phulbari and Patlekhet add an authentic touch to your itinerary, blending ancient charm, and spiritual practices, with everyday sustainable and rural Nepali life.  A mountain yoga retreat offers a bounty of homegrown organic vegetables and fruits, transformed into gorgeous Ayurvedic meals prepared by a talented young chef. 

Time spent a working organic farm will provide a rich rural connection.  And “giving back” to the underprivileged and orphaned children students in the village of Panauti will be a lasting memory, for you, and for them.

This intentional, and transformative, tour of Nepal promises a beautiful tapestry of experiences, weaving together spirituality, nature, yoga, meditation, wildlife, and cultural richness in a way that will linger in your heart long after the journey ends.


Ten percent of the tour fee will benefit children’s education projects in Nepal under the guidance of Heartsteps Foundation, Inc.

other Activities

Destination in Nepal has some of the most diverse landscape in the world leading to acivities suited for all types of travellers.