Nabita Thapa
Nabita Thapa

Nabita Thapa



Fluent English (both Written and Spoken), Hindi, Basic Cantonese.


20+ Years

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Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Nabita Thapa is a member of Soul Himalaya Treks and Tours and an experienced marketeer. Driven by motivation, she takes pride in providing the best possible experiences for customers. Overseeing international tour communication, her goals include collecting and consolidating knowledge of itinerary to effectively sell and run excursions and marketing tours effectively using any promotional tools available. Her journey began in 1998 when she graduated from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu with a BA Honours in Humanities – Culture and English. With an eagerness and excitement to travel the world and discover new places, it led her into the cruise industry.

Nabita’s passion can be traced back to 2001, where she spent a significant 19 years working with the Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. Starting off as a Shore Excursion Assistant Manager, she gained experience in tour dispatch and return, back office administration, and developed deep knowledge in itinerary and ports of call. Within 6 years, she was promoted to Shore Excursions Manager where her duties expanded into managing small groups of staff - ensuring correct evaluations and disciplinary action if needed, being responsible for financial operations (e.g. invoices, budget control) and interdepartmental communication onboard.

Now as a seasoned marketeer and experienced Excursions manager, Nabita is passionate in advertising the beauty of her homeland. Boasting Nepal’s rich history and culture, she organises sightseeing trips to the beautiful landscapes of Nepal and more adventurous, physical trips such as treks to the iconic Mount Everest Basecamp. After years of traveling the world and gaining precious experiences, she is proud to call Nepal her home and hopes to show its charms to others. Education Bachelor’s Degree from Tribhuwan University, Khathmundu BA Hons Humanities – Culture & English Trainings & Working Experience Professional background in marketing. 

Training & Skills 

  • 20 years of working experience in Shore Excursions for Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD.
  • 10 years as Shore Excursions manager. Excellent customer service skills.
  • Good record in achieving sales targets. Good leadership and team development skills.
  • Responsible for collecting and consolidating with National and international tours operators about tour package of itinerary in order to effectively sell.
  • Maintaining good working relationships with National and international tour operators.
  • Inter-departmental communication in the company to ensure smooth operations, for example tour itinerary and arrival departure and tour package confirmation.
  • Target marketing to groups / international guests.
  • Responsible for financial operations including invoices and budget control.
  • Emergency evacuation and regular safety observations.