Pemba Sherpa
Pemba Sherpa

Pemba Sherpa

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English, Nepali, French,


18+ Years

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Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Pemba Sherpa was born in 1985 AD in a remote of Okhaldunga District. Flourishing in a Mountainous Region,mountains have always been a feature in Pemba's survival.Walking through dense forest for hours he attempted his school from age of seven till age of twelve. Being a boy of a small rural area of Himalaya, his childhood came to the end by rearing cattles as schools were distant from his village.

At his early sixteen he sets off his career in trekking sector;Starting his journey as a porter then steadily as a mountain guide and a group leader within his 20 years of trekking experience.In his long run capability, he has also been employed in Huwans Clubaventure, UCPA, CA Voyage and Atalante.Along with trekking he has also been able to travel and acquire experience being abroad, in the last two decades with the ambition of hooking up with people all around. He speaks French, English,Hindi ,Nepali,Sherpa(native language) and Tibetan.

Beside all his hard works and struggles in his life he always sets his heart high and gradually established his own trekking company. He is now a company executive, mountain leader and a trekking guide in Soul Himalaya Tours and Treks.He has established the company with the aim of providing employment opportunities to many unemployed Himalayan youths in Nepal;Treat clients as guest in Sherpa family by assuring to exceed their expectations. clik on link to know more about pemba


Trainings & Guiding Experince

  • 18 years Outdoors Experience like Trekking, Hiking, adventures activities in Nepal ;Outdoors Backpacking
  • Trekking guide training from government of Nepal
  • Climbing&mountaineering Training from mountain academy Nepal (MAN)
  • Advance Backpacking Training Completed from Leave No Trace LNT/WWF
  • High Altitude Risk Management and Leadership Training from Nepal Tourism Board NT
  • French Guide Deploma Training( alliance francaise) ferinch institude Cultural Tours traniaing