Patrice Gnecchi
Patrice Gnecchi

Patrice Gnecchi

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28+ yers

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Hello there, with more than 28 years of experience of practice in various mountain sports (climbing, mountaineering, skiing, hiking, treks, etc.), I can proudly assert that I have been one of the happiest person to live in this planet for a very long time now. I live in France (2 RUE DU MONTENY 25560 BULLE) but I have travelled a lot of countries and made a lot of friends all over the globe. I am an instructor in Ski Mountaineering FFME and an instructor in Snow and Avalanche Initiator Mountaineering FFME. I have ascended more than 600 peaks till now, peaks all over the globe, in the Alps, the Andes, the Himalayas (my personal favourites) , the Atlas and others.

Being an advisory board member in this wonderful company is an absolute honor for I find the people involved with this company to be one of the most friendly and humble human beings in this entire planet. I enjoy every single second spent with Sarki, Pemba and Karma and I work as hard as possible to help them make other people happy like me as well, for which I suggest anyone going to Nepal to experience Soul Himalaya at least for once because this is what I believe will help everyone make the best out of their time here in Nepal