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Karma Sherpa

Karma Sherpa



Nepali, English, French


I started my trekking career in 1990 and have ascended more than 35 peaks all over Nepal and India. My deep connection with these mountains has also generated a deep concern and moral responsibility to help others.

Contact Information

+9779841234536 kasherpa@yahoo.com

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Working as a mountain leader and chairman of Soul Himalaya Treks and Tours, Karma Sherpa is a conscious and dedicated mountain leader. Starting his trekking career in 1990, he has ascended more than 35 peaks throughout Nepal and India. His traveling experiences extend across many boundaries including Thailand, France, Tibet, Switzerland, Bangladesh, and India. Carrying a passion for travel from a young age, he has worked as a porter, a cook, and now a mountain leader. He shares a deep connection with the mountains and the people there and this bond can be seen vividly in his actions. An active member of several organizations and countless welfare activities, he always believes in giving back to his county and its people.


Training & Guiding Experience

  • 30 years of Outdoors Experience including Trekking, Climbing Hiking, adventures activities in Nepal; Outdoors Backpacking
  • An active member of organizations like the Trekking Guide Association of Nepal (TGAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and Nepal Sherpa Association.
  • Trekking guide training from the government of Nepal
  • Climbing and mountaineering Training from Nepal Mountaineering Association  (NMA)
  • Advance Backpacking Training Completed from Leave No Trace LNT/WWF
  • High Altitude Risk Management and Leadership Training from Nepal Tourism Board NTB
  • French Guide Diploma Training (alliance Francaise) from a French institute 
  • Cultural Tours training